Information Management Applications

CoreCopia is the powerful Information Management engine with multiple applications.


Contact Forms

CoreCopia can effectively replace the most popular website contact form plugins with its much greater capabilities and ease of use. What used to be a simple contact entry form can now be used to send email replies to users or to automatically sort them based on the information they provide. The possibilities are endless.



Marketing & Lead Generation

CoreCopia can be used in many marketing applications where it’s necessary to sort user input based on answers to questions or ratings. For a company that receives many contact form entries, CoreCopia could be used to determine which entries merit a personalized response or a standard generic response.



Reputation Management

Every business and organization has a reputation. In today’s online world, peer reviews can mean the difference between success and failure. Use CoreCopia’s tools to help minimize bad reviews and maximize the positives.




Human Resources

Online job applications can now do more than just capture information. To save time and money, applicants can be pre-screened by CoreCopia based on answers to questions. Candidates that meet your criteria can be filtered to the next step in the process – a call, an interview, a request for more information, etc.




Quality Assurance

Use the processing and sorting power of CoreCopia to determine where there are problems. Customers can answer a series of questions or give a number of ratings and the appropriate manager can be notified in order to take corrective action. Prevent small problems from becoming major headaches and ensure products and services are what your customers expect and demand.




Education and Training

Because CoreCopia is perfectly suited to processing a series of questions and sorting data entries based on pre-determined criteria, it can be a great tool in the field of education and training.